dr_boterDr. Merab Boter has been practicing General Surgery since 1970. He has developed successful practices in many fields of General Surgery such as gastro-intestinal, hernia, gallbladder, trauma, general vascular and others. He is a board certified general surgeon and is a diplomat of The American Board of Surgery. He is also a member of the American College of Phlebology & American Society of General Surgeons.
Minimally invasive procedures have emerged in many fields of surgery in Europe and in America. Laparoscopic gall bladder removal was one of the first such procedures that started the “revolution in surgery” in the early 1990’s. Dr. Boter was the first to implement this procedure in his hospitals in 1991. Also, he was one of the first surgeons in the country to begin laparoscopic hernia repair in 1993. He shared his experience in laparoscopic hernia repair with other surgeons in the region and abroad.

Minimally invasive varicose vein surgery slowly began to appear in the US in the early 1990’s. At that time only several surgeons in the entire country were attempting to implement these types of procedures.

In 1992, Dr. Boter performed his first minimally invasive varicose vein surgery, “stab-phlebectomy” and “PIN stripping” of the saphenous vein, which were done in the hospital. Operating room and hospital staff members, who had never seen or heard anything like this before, were surprised to see the patient was left scar less and painless. Since then, Dr. Boter has performed thousands of similar procedures. However, Dr. Boter was looking for something even more innovative, something that would not require a hospital operating room or general anesthesia.

The search for innovations continued. New types of local anesthesia allowed surgeons to perform varicose vein surgery in their offices. Another major step forward – development of modern lasers and sophisticated ultrasound technology allowed surgeons to perform minimally invasive (non-surgical) treatment of varicose veins at the office under local anesthesia. These lasers were approved by the FDA and most insurance companies began to cover these laser procedures in 2005.

In 2005 Dr. Boter opened the Modern Vein & Laser Center in Brooklyn, New York. Since then thousands of procedures have been performed under local anesthesia there. The patients are ecstatic to have these minimally invasive non-surgical procedures at the office.

The patients have found the procedure to be painless along with other benefits of no hospital stays, no general anesthesia, and no visible scars.

Patients have the luxury of only going under local anesthesia while being able to watch movies during the procedure. Patients are then able to return to home or work ten minutes after the procedure is completed with no or minimal post-procedure discomfort.

Whether it is their fine results or pleasant experience, patients are proud of Dr. Boter’s work. If you are interested in having a varicose vein procedure, please do not hesitate to call Dr. Boter at 718.238.1555 and he will arrange to answer any and all questions you may have.