l1At MVLC, we pride ourselves on being the most advanced vein and laser center in the NYC area, staying on the forefront of venous technology. The newest Endovenous Ablation procedure, the Infusion Catheter, is a pharmaco-mechanical ablation treatment rather than laser or radiofrequency. An ultrathin catheter is inserted into the afflicted vein with ultrasound guidance. Once in place, the rotating tip gently scraps the inner lining of the vein, causing agitation. As the catheter is withdrawn, a sclerosant is evenly introduced, further enhancing the ablation process. Similar to Sclerotherapy (a common injection treatment for spider veins), this procedure does not require tumescent anesthesia and carries less risk than other minimally invasive therapies.

All of the procedures offered at Modern Vein and Laser are safe, effective, and performed by a skilled physician. Call Modern Vein & Laser Care to discover which varicose therapy is right for you.


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